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The Golem

 the new album by Eddie Estrin

Steven Epp actor
Steven Epp the Narrator
Jacqueline Ultan  cello
Briana Fernandez  singer
Briana Fernandez vocals
Jacqueline Ultan cello
Bill Lee bass clarinet
Bill Lee bass clarinet, flute, recorder
Rare Form Mastering
Greg Reierson audio mastering
Eddie Estrin music
Sara Suppan artist
Sara Suppan album artwork, design
E E everything else
The Golem Eddie Estrin album credits

Album credits:


Steven Epp              narrator

Eddie Estrin             keyboards, drums, percussion, synthesizers,

                                acoustic guitar, voice

Jacqueline Ultan       cello

Bill Lee                     bass clarinet, flute, recorder

Briana Fernandez     voice

Sara Suppan            album artwork


laughing children:       Yoni & Noah Zacks, Eliora & Archie Estrin

special vocal effects:   Sally Bell

album mastering:        Greg Reiersen  Rare Form Mastering

photo on disc:             DMY

special thanks to        Sally Bell

Album written, produced, engineered, arranged by Eddie Estrin


The Golem  new  Interview w/EE on

        The Book of Life PODCAST


Animated film trailer Feygel the Pigeonkeeper by Director Emily Fritze from Eddie Estrin's "The GOLEM"

©2024 eddie estrin . all rights reserved.


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